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Nokia Mobile now has a full-fledged site for tracking (security) updates

If you need those features it is your only reliable option right now. It depends more on the operating system version rather than the phone model. Check the operating system version is supported — I have them listed in the reviews and keep them updated. There is a very good reason why I only do positive reviews of a few phone spy programs.

There are only a few that are reliable and stand the test of time. I also try to avoid calling out poor programs by name — as they can attack my website!

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Sadly it has happened. If you read the small print and look closely at that program — they imply remote installation, but actually they say you do need the target phone in your posession to install. They are playing with words to increase their appeal. Would you really want to deal with this company? You can also find out that this program is actually Highster Mobile by a different name — same company, different brand. I guess their reputation was in need of a fresh start. Owned by the same parent company — you need to be careful online!

Find my device

Thank you for your comment and good luck. Some of his texts and pictures have been removed remotely by someone else. Is it possible for someone to do this through his email account or spyware? It would be possible using some spy programs. Not through the email account though. Some programs allow you to change things on the target phone — deleting or adding photos is possible once the software has been installed.

A factory reset will remove the spy app if you are concerned. Also if you have the target phone in hand but is password protected is it possible to unlock it with out having to wipe it clean. If it is password protected you will need to get the password to be able to install the software. There are usually ways to by pass password locks on most phones. Do a Google search for your device. Is there a software that can download the spyware remotely onto the target phone?

You need to have physical access to install spy software. I need an app that will allow me to monitor all messages sent and received on my sons phone but need something completely discreet that cannot be detected, he has found and deleted the others. Any suggestions? The best programs — mSpy and Flexispy are very well hidden — that is why I only recommend a couple of programs.

They should be safe for you. Hi my question is, is there a software where you do not need to hook the phone up to the computer? We have wi-fi. I would like something I can install on the phone without a computer.

How to Cast Mobile Screen To Windows Laptop or Desktop Computer? Nokia and Stock Android Phones

I will be using my tablet to access the information. Also is this completely undetectable on the phone you are installing it on? Can you actually read the text sent and received? I have been looking at Highster Mobile is it any good? It can be done using a Wi-Fi connection — and you can view all of the activity from your tablet device online. Yes texts sent and received and a lot more besides! If you want a program that works reliably and is undetectable I would look at mSpy or Flexispy — check out my reviews.

Thanks for the questions. Thanks for great information. Regarding Flexispy can you confirm the licenses required for a user that has an iphone, ipad and an ipod touch? Does it require a separate license for each and does the solution even work on the ipad and ipod touch?

You would need a license for each separate device to be able to monitor all three at once. It will work on the iPad and the iPad Touch as long as they are internet connected — Wi-Fi or a data plan. You could monitor one at a time and switch the license between them — to save money. I have heard of many cell phone spying software..

How to use the “Find my phone” feature?

The target phone needs to be activated — by a silent message from the dashboard panel. You send the hidden message to start and stop the recording. I hope this covers what you mean. Great info. I was wondering if there is anything now that will spy on a phone number I currently have but is being transferred to another phone soon? Anything that will stay with that number once I have it set up? It wont follow the number — the software is installed on the actual phone, not the SIM.

If the phone handset number changes, it will still be monitored, but it will not monitor on a new handset without a fresh install. If it has internet capability and the operating system is compatible you can. Check their site for your make and model of device to be sure. Will any of the software pull old information from the target or just record what occurs after installation?

Spy on Nokia 8/9 PureView via best Nokia Spy Software

Things like photos and videos — contacts and apps etc will be collected — but old calls and texts etc will not. They will only be logged by the software after installation. Hope that makes sense! Thanks for the great information. My question is, if the phone number on the targeted phone is changed, or the sim card is replaced, will the software continue to work?