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With a 6. However, it doesn't have that massive rear camera bump either so it's a bit more elegant looking. The lovely OLED display is flat with a slight curvature at the edges tapering down into the side. With the Android 10 gesture-based navigation, it feels natural to slide your finger up from the bottom edge and in from the sides.

There is a small front-facing camera opening at the top, but it fits within the notification bar and is barely noticeable. Minimal bezels are present around all four sides. The brushed metal edges are well designed with a beveled piece on the bottom. The lovely pearl white glass back transitions down from the back into the sides. A USB port and 3. Stereo speaker sound comes from the bottom and up above the display.

There is a horizontal camera bar positioned down about a fifth of the way from the top.

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It contains two cameras, a ToF sensor array, and a flash. Wireless charging is supported, as well as Qualcomm Quick Charge 4 Plus. If you purchase one of these at T-Mobile this week make sure to be careful inserting and removing the LG V60 from the Dual Screen cover. There are specific directions right in the box as you unpackage it and it takes a bit of practice to get it right so you don't bend the bottom USB-C connector.

The Google Discover feed can be shown as the left-most home screen panel and you have full control over how things are arranged and organized on your phone. Four games and a web browser, Whale, are installed for you to test out the Dual Screen experience to its fullest. I am a huge fan of the grid, font, widget, and other options that let you optimize the phone for your use.

LG G8X vs LG V50: Dual Screen Made Better

I'm a bit sad to see the floating bar appears to be missing, but at least there is a handy utility for the Dual Screen cover. The hardware is gorgeous and feels lovely in hand, but it is a very large phone. I love the Google Assistant button and the overall design of the phone with hands that are large enough to hold and use it comfortably. The displays look great and I look forward to consuming media content on them.

All of the great Dual Screen functions I mentioned in my LG G8X review apply here as well and the Dual Screen cover will be a focus of my formal review in the next couple of weeks. This device has the potential to be a serious productivity machine and with my remote work situation, I am going to see how useful it can be in this situation. I've come to greatly appreciate the Hz display of the Galaxy S20 line and unfortunately, this is not present on the LG V The focus of this phone is on the camera, audio, and dual-screen experiences and it is priced hundreds less than the S20 Ultra.

LG V50 ThinQ 5G: Stream Faster With 5G | Verizon

It is not blazing 5G, but improved range and penetration are more important to my needs anyway and there are benefits to 5G even in these early stages of adoption. I am looking for specific use cases for the Dual Screen cover too so please let me know what you want me to test. Samsung rolling out Galaxy S20 update with enhancements, including camera improvements.

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Samsung recently launched the Galaxy S20 line, but the Ultra came with some autofocusing issues. Samsung started rolling out an update for the S20 models with enhancements and camera Better late than never: Trackpad support is exactly what the iPad needed. That announcement says that it will come to a number of models - although the timeframe for the final OTA update hasn't been confirmed.

There's the loose suggestion from LG that updates will be within the year, but it's not clear if that's within , or within a full year.

LG V60 ThinQ first look: Affordable 5G phone with practical dual-screen system

Motorola has fairly raw Android phones with little customisation, but that doesn't always result in rapid updates. Nokia's record with updates is good. The company uses Android One on most of its devices and successfully updated most of its devices to Android Pie before anyone else. We'd expect the same for Android Nokia has also confirmed that many of its phones will receive the Android 10 update, and when they're due to land. Depending on which model you have, you could see the rollout hit your phone anytime from Q4 through to Q2 The Nokia 8. OnePlus is good with updates.

Not only does it move quickly to update its newer devices, but we see this rolling back to older phones too. It also has a wide range of devices in the Android 10 beta. These phones are confirmed by OnePlus to get Android Oppo is rather more new to global markets so we've not been through the Android update process as we have with other manufacturers. Oppo has put the standard Reno in the 10 beta, however, so we know it will get the final version.

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Oppo has also published and updated Android 10 roadmaps for the update. The update will arrive with ColorOS 7. Razer has said that it is interested in pushing out an update, but there's no timeline on if or when it might happen. Realme is the budget brand of Oppo and although it's just getting started in its global march, it's also on the Android 10 beta, so there's some hope for a rapid update.

It looks like some Redmi flagship devices will be updated to Android 10 following a tweet suggesting that these devices will see some Android 10 action:.

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Samsung doesn't feel the need to update rapidly and in the past has been slow - but with Android 10 it appears to be moving a little faster. There's been a beta for One UI 2 with Android 10 and the stable version has started rolling out to some devices in some regions. A longer list was shared from the Samsung Members app , giving a breakdown for the UK. Sony's record on updates isn't great, but it does have the Xperia XZ3 in the Q beta. That's good news, because the phone is likely to be able to move to the final build soon after it goes live.

Originally a list was shared by Japanese network NTT Docomo , but there's now been an official blog post from Sony confirming models and a timeframe. Vivo has a couple of phones on the beta list for Android 10, so that's confirmation of a couple of devices that will definitely get the update.