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With beautiful hues of color on the back glass and metal mid-frame, you will enjoy wonderful visual and handling experience. The 6. The AI-powered 3D Qmojis learn and animate your facial expressions, movements and voice to generate personalized Qmoji GIFs or videos, adding more fun to your messaging.

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You can easily record the beauty of life. Freeze An Instant with Super Slow Motion With the 16x Super Slow Motion mode, you can record every memorable movement and turn fleeting moments into action highlights at frames per second.

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Smooth transition between 4G and Wi-Fi provides a seamless experience, even when experiencing network delays. The uninterrupted gaming mode hides all notifications but the most essential ones. AI is here to organize your photos. Sorted by date, place, person, and even object in the photo, the smart AI image organization and search make finding the right snapshot a breeze.

The adaptive AI-driven connectivity always keeps you in touch, cleverly adjusting to your environment.


Elevator mode quickly recovers 4G signal and dynamically optimizes network performance. With analytical capability and ambient noise cancellation powered by AI, low volume calls will be enhanced and noisy calls will be transformed into clear and high-quality conversations. We use cookies to improve our site and your experience. By continuing to browse our site you accept our cookie policy.

Find out more. Even the edge of the fingerprint sensor could have been made finer. The Huawei Nova 2's back is matt-colored and has a sleek look. Our Nova 2 review device has already suffered a significant flaw after two weeks; the silver aluminum was peeling. The wide edges above and below the screen look a bit old-fashioned and do not quite match the rest of the phone. At this size, it is fully sufficient and provides a ppi value of on paper and very vivid images in day-to-day use.

Its color reproduction is pleasing and natural-looking. What a shame: Instead of using the ample space below the display for the Android buttons, Huawei uses on-screen control, which takes up additional space on this small display. The scanner used to be located on the rear, the P10 saw it move a bit forwards, and it also remained there in all smartphones with screens smaller than 5. However, this idea was scrapped a short while later with the P10 Lite, but now the Nova 2 wants to bring it back. The sensor itself works great on the Nova 2, but this is something that you now expect from Huawei.

However, the sensor here is not slightly embedded in the housing, but rather flatly mounted. Huawei can do better than this. Huawei delivers the Nova 2 with Android 7. Its appearance can not only be adjusted with pre-made themes but also at a very detailed level. In its default setting, the EMUI on the Nova 2 looks somewhat cheerful and not really modern, but this depends on your personal taste.

The Huawei Nova 2 sports a Kirin by Hisilicon. The octa-core processor has four quick and four slow Cortex A53 cores with a maximum clock speed of 2. Apps booted quickly in the review, and the Huawei Nova 2 even handles elaborate websites and graphically sophisticated games.

The bottom of the Nova 2 is equipped with an average quality mono speaker.

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This also applies to the headset with the plastic headphones, which is better than no headphones, but not by much. Both are color sensors, and there is no monochrome sensor like the Leica cameras in the P and Mate series. There is no 4K support for videos, but there is slow motion and time lapse. The front camera has a megapixel sensor and should provide decent-looking.

The beautification option with a scale of 0 to 10 is just a gimmick. You can find additional full-resolution images here.