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Meizu M8 Global Edition Main Features

The device uses on-screen software buttons consisting of "Back", "Home", and "Recent apps" keys, instead of the pair of physical capacitive buttons used by the previous model. The previous design had been panned by critics for being irregular, and causing a black bar to occur on-screen if an app required the deprecated "Menu" key in violation of Android human interface guidelines. The hardware of the device was upgraded in comparison to its predecessor, using a 2. The BoomSound stereo speakers were also improved with deeper enclosures , a larger amplifier , and an updated DSP for improved sound quality.

The UltraPixel sensor was updated to provide better color accuracy in lit photographs, and the device now includes a dual-tone flash. The main camera is accompanied by a second, 2-megapixel depth of field sensor OmniVision OV located directly above the main camera as a part of the device's "Duo Camera" system. The sensor analyzes the distance and position of elements within a photo, and generates a depth map , which is embedded within each photo.

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The depth map, along with other information, can then be used to generate 3D parallax effects, to apply filters individually to different parts of the image, such as blurring the background to focus on an object in the foreground, or to copy and paste an object from one photo into another, similar to those available with a Lytro camera. In mid-April, HTC released a software development kit that allows other apps to take advantage of the depth mapping system, and stated that the SDK will be used by the camera app on the Google Play edition.

While phone's M7 rear camera had optical image stabilization OIS , it was not included in the device as developers deemed it to be "incompatible" with the new depth sensor system. It was replaced by "smart stabilization" features enabled by the depth sensor. The operating system's camera interface was also streamlined, with a new menu for switching between photo, video, Zoe, and Pan modes, and a revised settings interface. The device ships with a customized version of Android 4. It builds upon the design of Sense 5 with a more minimal design, color themes, and optimizations for larger screens and Android 4.

A new system called "Motion Launch" was added that allows users to turn on the display by double-tapping it while picking up the device, and allows unlocking directly to BlinkFeed, the home screen, or voice dialing mode by tapping the screen and dragging in specific directions. Pressing the volume button while holding the phone horizontally will launch the camera app.

Meizu M8 Smartphone Full Specification

BlinkFeed was updated with a revised design, which only now displays the weather clock if it's set as the default home screen, and will also now allow third-party developers to add content sources through an SDK ; Fitbit whose app, also pre-loaded on the device, can integrate with its sensor hub as a pedometer and Foursquare were announced as the launch partners for the SDK. The TV app was updated to include live sports statistics and "Fan Talk", which allows users to track and join conversations relating to TV programs on Twitter. HTC has committed to providing firmware updates for at least two years following its release.

In October , an update to 4. The cover of this flip case contains a grid of holes, allowing a clock, weather forecast, and notifications of messages and calls on the screen below it to be displayed through the holes in a style resembling a dot matrix display. Aside from these changes, it is otherwise identical to the base model. Other selected markets followed.

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The only color option is "Gunmetal Grey". The hardware is mostly identical to the regular model without the option to double the 16GB of on-device storage as is the case with the single SIM variant. The software is also mostly identical with the addition of the Dual-SIM settings and related modifications in dialer and messaging apps.

While being delivered with Android KitKat the device received an over-the-air-update to Lollipop 5. Its hardware is nearly identical to the Android version, aside from minor differences such as colors it is only available in dark grey and branding. The development of the device for Windows was enabled by changes to the Windows Phone platform by Microsoft to allow for more flexibility and variance in hardware designs, such as support for on-screen buttons.

These changes made it theoretically possible for OEMs to re-use hardware designs from Android devices for use as part of a Windows Phone device. HTC Americas president Jason Mackenzie argued that with the device for Windows, HTC was the first smartphone maker to "[launch] an iconic device on multiple operating systems without making any compromises. The device is compatible with the Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview [52] but not with the final public release version of the OS.

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It is otherwise identical to the standard model, except the infrared and NFC connectivity is removed, and the rear UltraPixel camera is replaced by a 13 megapixel camera. The Eye was only released in China and India. The industrial design of the device was considered to be more "premium" looking than the previous model due to the increase in metal and less plastic, and more comfortable to hold due to its more curved shape. David Pierce of The Verge described the design as "[a] wonderfully rare mix between the beauty of the old One and the unabashed utility of a phone like the Galaxy S4.

However, some reviewers felt that its more rounded and polished chassis made the device feel more slippery to hold, and the curved edges made it harder to grip. Similarly to the previous model, the device's rear-facing camera received mixed reviews. While it received praise for its low-light capabilities, faster autofocus, along with the updates to HTC's camera software, the camera was criticized for not showing any notable improvements in image quality over the previous model, producing soft-looking images that only looked acceptable at small sizes due to aggressive noise-reduction and inadequate software processing.

In addition, the device's rear camera lacked optical image stabilization OIS which had been found in the proceeding M7. However, Engadget praised HTC's focus on " selfies " with its 5-megapixel front-facing camera, and The Verge quipped that even its "ultimate selfie machine" took better photos than the rear-facing camera in many situations. The Duo Camera functionality received similarly mixed reaction; while critics felt that the effects could be considered fun and useful by end-users, the effects themselves particularly the refocus effect were panned for not having any positive effect on overall image quality, and for having inconsistent quality themselves.

Anand also praised the camera app and UI, as well as the effects processing such as the zoom and blur features, stating that the device was "an extremely versatile shooter," but noted deficiencies, such as the inadequate image quality and lack of image stabilization.

Ultimately, he stated that the new HTC One "is an upgrade in so many areas, but lacked a substantial step forward in primary camera quality. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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