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Safe is boring, stagnant and downright lazy.

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OPPO is a long way from safe and boring, and with the Reno 5G it begins with the innovation shown in the hardware. Take the phone out of the box, and if you purchased the Ocean Green SKU which is what I have here you will be startled by how good it looks. The front looks like most phones although you will not see any notches or big bezels but the drama occurs when you turn it over.

The silky Ocean Green colour is neither shiny or matte — it is possibly what would be called a satin finish. This allows fingerprints to not be as obvious as they would be on a shiny phone. The end of the stripe has a nub, yes a nub , that actually has a function. The nub is a bump designed to stop the phone resting on the camera glass so as to not scratch the glass and this nub is addictive. It is safe to say that OPPO put the best hardware in this phone, and it shows. The phone was fast at times and was the fastest OPPO phone I have ever used, which while not saying much does speak volumes to the improvements they have made with not just their hardware inclusions but their software.

OPPO has also included an in-display fingerprint sensor that everyone has now and although others such as OnePlus say theirs is faster, I can honestly say that OPPO have the fastest, most consistent in-display fingerprint sensor going around. With a single learning of the fingerprint which did not seem overly extensive it was able to unlock my phone every single time — even when I thought it would not be able to.

The speed is also on par with the physical fingerprint sensors of yesteryear. Another piece of hardware which is impressive is the sharkfin camera pop-up. It is different to the other pop-up selfie cameras that we have seen from manufacturers such as OnePlus and Vivo in that it slides up on an angle like a slice of pizza, or a shark fin — hence my name for it.

The Oppo Reno 2’s quad camera array takes photos like no other at this price

The problem is that there often seemed to be a fair bit of dust on the fin so I needed to wipe that down before using the camera itself. The flash for the rear camera is also located on the fin so expect it to pop up at various times. With all this packed into the phone you would expect it to be big and heavy and you would be right.

It weighs grams and has the dimensions of x The height seems to be the same as other 5G phones this year, matching the two mentioned above.

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It was only a few years ago that bezels were a good centimetre or two in size — Google was guilty of it themselves with the Pixel 2, under two years ago. Now bezels are tiny. Bezels all around the Reno 5G are tiny making for an amazing experience when consuming any form of media. There is no disruption to the display with a notch of any variety but the display is not perfect. Sure, the colours are vibrant and the display angles from the 6.

Many will try and say that you cannot tell the difference but I know I can. A 2K display is much more enjoyable but in the end the P is still good — acceptable. With under-display selfie cameras coming in the next year you could easily say that the notch is dead. OnePlus and OPPO have shown that there are better solutions resulting in a better aesthetic design and a better overall experience for the user.

Any flagship phone launching now with a bezel or cutout deserves to be dead in the water for their lack of innovation. Two blocks away from their flagship Bourke St store 5G dropped out to 4G. Walking parallel to the store and metres later 5G returned. There are various sections of the CBD where there is 5G but it did chop and change from 4G to 5G relatively regularly.

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  • This was a good test of the handover from 5G to 4G and vice versa and I did not notice it changing at any time, even when in the middle of a speed test — which happened on Collins St. Telstra was originally worried about how well the 5G devices would cope with this handover but to me it was seamless. I got a maximum of around the Mbps down and around 95Mbps up — not at the same time. Most speeds I encountered were in the Mbps range which is quite good for Telstra in the city apparently.

    I tested it walking through the Block Arcade in the city and had 5G coverage inside at all times, although the speeds were affected. As for the battery life of the phone it was great.

    A Very Futuristic Smartphone...

    My disappointment with the battery came with VOOC 3. VOOC 3.

    How to limit messages on Android

    Using VOOC 3. Bring on and ColorOS 6. The relatively small list of bugs and issues I had were:. That all sounds fancy but how does it perform? While it is difficult to put a value to the quality of a camera even DxOMark got it wrong in giving the OP7 Pro a score of and most people want a camera that can take good quality photos, consistently and with a minimal of fuss. We recently took the Reno 5G on a trip to the US and achieved some amazing pictures, with pre-release prototype hardware and software.

    Now the phone has 60x digital zoom on top of the 10x hybrid zoom and its zooming capabilities need to be seen to be believed. If you plan on using the superzoom I highly recommend using a tripod because even when resting the phone on something it is difficult to hold still. Compare your carrier APN setting with the one on your phone and make the necessary changes if needed.

    One of the first things you will need to do is to refresh the phone software by doing a soft reset. While this is usually done on an unresponsive device it will also work in this case as it will refresh the phone software which will usually resolve issues caused by minor software glitches. Sometimes corrupt data stored by the messaging app will prevent it from sending an MMS. To eliminate this possibility you will need to clear the cache and data of this app. There are instances when an app you downloaded can cause this particular issue. To check if this is the case you will have to start the phone in Safe Mode as only the pre-installed apps are allowed to run in this mode.

    If you can send and MMS in this mode then the problem could be caused by an app you downloaded. Find out what app is causing the problem then uninstall it.

    Everything you need to know about the Oppo Reno 2Z

    Finding the particular app is a trial and error method. Start by uninstalling the most recent app you downloaded before the problem occurred then check if the screen still flickers.

    Repeat this step until the issue will not occur anymore after uninstalling a particular app. This last app is most likely the cause of the problem. There are instances when a corrupted system cached data can cause this problem.