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Download the "Smart Tutor" from Google play store and install on our Android device. After agreeing "Terms and Conditions", the phone number of contact center will be displayed.

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Because it is depending on country 3. Enter the 6 digits connection code given by a tech expert. Once connected, a tech expert will diagnose your mobile.

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If you want to terminate "Smart Tutor", please tap "Disconnect" menu. Before the connection, ensure to check Wi-Fi availability for free support.

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  4. Reviews Review Policy. View details. Flag as inappropriate. In the case of being connected to the internet you can see the approximate location, the level of charge, you can play your Samsung Galaxy A20 even if it is silent or vibration mode will sound at maximum volume and you can block it so that it can not be used and display a message so that the person who has found it can read it and return it or, as an extreme measure, erase all its contents, all its contents will be deleted.

    There are many applications of this type but all really do the same function as Google's Find my Device, but in case you do not have a Google account or do not want to use their services there are applications like Safe or SeekDroid. You can locate your Samsung, display a message on the screen, activate the sound at maximum volume even if it is silent or vibrate mode, block it or erase all your information.

    Make a phone call

    Unlike Google's service, Samsung will allow you to access a list of calls made from your Samsung Galaxy A20 with which you can see if the person who has your Galaxy A20 has made a call and try to locate the device in that way. You can also make a call diversion which is very useful not to miss any calls and that the person with the Galaxy A20 can not answer the calls. If you can not recover your Samsung Galaxy A20 we recommend you file a report, for this you will need the purchase invoice. Every major mobile manufacturer or software company has released their own version of GPS tracking apps, including Samsung.

    Among these apps, there are some apps like Find My Mobile Samsung phone tracker app that are best suited for finding a lost phone, while others like KidsGuard Pro are better for tracking someone's real-time location.

    Install apps

    Thus, you can decide which app to use based on your requirement. An experienced technology blogger and editor who has spent more than a decade writing about software, gadgets, and computing etc all over the Internet. Dashboard Profile Contact Us Log out. Cody Walsh Last updated Feb 21, pm Track. Requirements before using this way: Samsung device should be turned on.

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    It should have network connectivity. You must be logged in to your Samsung account.

    The easy-to-see large screen enables secure smartphone use even for first-time users

    Find My Mobile must be enabled in advance. How to enable and use Find My Mobile to track lost Samsung phone? Limitations of using this way: The way can not offer an accurate location tracking solution. Limitations of using this way: The facility to track the lost phone using its IMEI number is only available for certain agencies like police, investigation, etc.

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