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The differences in colour accuracy are minimal though and are probably imperceptible with the naked eye. The display also gives grey tones a minor blue tint. The A50 remains usable outdoors even under bright sunlight, as demonstrated by our photos below. We suggest using auto brightness where possible, but manual maximum brightness should be enough in most cases too.

The screen will look slightly washed-out at any rate. We noticed no brightness or colour distortions even at acute viewing angles, so you should have no problems with using the A50 from practically any angle. The SoC integrates eight cores that are split across two clusters of four Cortex-A73 cores and four Cortex-A53 cores, which clock up to 2. The A50 is the first device we have seen with the Exynos , and it performed remarkably well in synthetic CPU benchmarks. Webpages load quickly on our A50 review unit with the Chrome browser and scrolling remained smooth throughout our tests.

Likewise, elaborate HTML5 websites load without issue. Samsung equips the A50 with UFS 2. The Mi 9 also has UFS 2. Colour us disappointed. Likewise, Samsung has equipped the A50 with a comparatively slow microSD card reader. Our review unit finishes bottom of our comparison table here and has much slower read speeds than the readers in the Moto G7 Plus and Nokia 7. We experienced no issues during our gaming tests, although frame rates do drop as low as 24 FPS in complex games like Asphalt 9: Legends when played at high graphics.

We should also point out that any dropped frames usually occur when cycling through menus rather than in-game. The touchscreen and associated sensors also worked perfectly in fast-paced games like Temple Run 2. In short, the A50 should only ever feel hot to the touch when it is being pushed hard. The A50 does get hot, but at least it does not thermal throttle, as we found out in GFXBench battery tests. We ran the graphically intensive Manhattan benchmark on a loop for 30 minutes, during which our review unit maintained stable frame rates.

So, the A50 will get hot when gaming, but it does not suffer a loss of performance as a result. The A50 has a mono speaker that sits on the underside of the device, which reached a maximum of 85 dB A in our tests.

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The speaker delivers a decent sound, and its frequency curve is almost identical to the speaker in the Galaxy A7 Audio generally sounds balanced, and we can even hear lower mid-tones, which is impressive. In short, the speaker in the A50 is good enough for occasionally listening to music or watching videos. We would always recommend using external speakers or headphones where possible though as they invariably offer a better listening experience. You can connect both to the device either via the 3.

The Exynos is a little more power-hungry than the Exynos and even the Snapdragon Our review unit consumes a minimum of 0. The Exynos consumes a lot under load too, but overall the A50 has lower power consumption than the Moto G7 Plus and the Nokia 7. Samsung has equipped the A50 with a 4, mAh battery, possibly to counteract the high power consumption of the Exynos Correspondingly, our review unit has excellent battery life and lasted longer than its predecessor in all our battery life tests.

The A50 averaged better runtimes than our other comparison devices too, although it finished in second place to the Moto G7 Plus or the Mi 9 in three of the four tests that we conducted. Our review sample lasted for hours in our practical Wi-Fi test, during which we run a script that simulates the load required to render websites. In short, the A50 should last even a long day of constant use between charges and will operate under sustained load for nearly 6 hours before needing to be plugged in.

Our review unit takes just over 2 hours to recharge fully with the included charger. The Samsung Galaxy A50 is an excellent midrange smartphone. It draws on the successes of its predecessor, like with its triple rear-facing cameras, but it blends these with a more modern design and an improved SoC.


The A50 has few shortcomings, although its fingerprint sensor takes longer to recognise fingers and has a lower detection rate than conventional sensors do. Moreover, its GPS module is oddly inaccurate and its Wi-Fi performance on occasion was worse than its predecessor. Great screen, long battery life, decent cameras. The Samsung Galaxy A50 delivers in all key areas and is a triumph of a midrange smartphone. Samsung has also compromised on some areas like limiting LTE performance below what the SoC can achieve, which seems arbitrary. The inclusion of a fixed focus front-facing sensor makes little sense too.

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With that said, the A50 makes real strides in other areas compared to the Galaxy A7 The Exynos is a big leap from the Exynos , and it even edges out comparable Snapdragon chips. Samsung Exynos LTE Cat. FM radio, fanless.

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Samsung homepage Samsung notebook section. Note: The manufacturer may use components from different suppliers including display panels, drives or memory sticks with similar specifications. Samsung Galaxy A50 full resolution. Top side: microphone. Underside: 3. Right-hand side: power button, volume rocker. Left-hand side: card slot. Last update information.

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Some of our test apps. Default home screen. GPS Test: Inside. GPS Test: At a window. GPS Test: Outside. Photo taken with the front-facing camera. Image Comparison Choose a scene and navigate within the first image. Scene 1 Scene 2 Scene 3 click to load images. Samsung Galaxy A Apple iPhone XS Max. OnePlus 6T. A photo of our test chart. Our test chart in detail. ColorChecker Passport: The lower half of each area of colour displays the reference colour.

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Using the default keyboard in portrait mode. Using the default keyboard in landscape mode. And it should be noted that phones that have come out past Android Pie's launch date generally support the new OS out of the box — especially those that are launching in The big question is when older phones are getting updated. While some manufacturers have announced launch dates when their phones are updated, that date might be pushed back later than was initially projected. This is typical of Android updates, especially in the US where carrier approval is required. Android Pie has been designed to give you a more consistent battery by using on-device machine learning to figure out which apps you'll use in the next few hours and which you won't use until later, if at all today.

And now the software is final, so it should be even better. Google partnered with Deep Mind to refine its deep learning algorithms and it's having a big effect on Android battery life, according to Dave Burke, Google's VP of Engineering for Android. Adaptive brightness is the most meaningful new Android Pe feature in our own deep minds. Current auto-brightness settings aren't good enough, according to Google, and that's why it's giving phone makers a more power efficient way to calibrate phone screen brightness based on both the environment and learned behavior.

Even if you still reach to manually adjust the brightness, overall, you should be doing it less. That's what we experiencing when running Android Pie on a Pixel 2. Google is inserting more prediction tools into its app drawer. Previously, you'd see a top row of predicted apps, normally based on your usage history. That was helpful.

Android Pie goes a step further with app actions that predict what you'll do next, and these shortcuts sit in a row right underneath the predicted app icons. This boils down to shortcuts for calls, or a run routine based on the fact that you just plugged in headphones and run every day at this time with an app like Strava. It's like Android Pie is reading your mind.

You won't see app slices until later this year, but Google has issued an API to developers to create more shortcuts around its operating system interface. This is starting in search, of course after all, this is Google, we're talking about. The best example at Google IO was with the ride-hailing app, Lyft.