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Plus, it'll charge up faster than anything you've ever used before. Especially when the competition consists almost entirely of flagship models. Perhaps over the course of few months, the Oppo R17 Pro will get cheaper and it will be worth considering.

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What remains is how well all these promising features play out in real-world use and whether or not the phone has the stones to compete with more classically-styled flagships in the field of performance. And things do look promising right now! Many will prefer to get the 6T, although Oppo believes it is aiming at a more discerning market than OnePlus, hence the slightly more expensive price.

Prueba Oppo RX17 Pro. Negative: High price; no stereo speaker; unsupported waterproof and dust avoiding.

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Negative: Average speakers; poor cameras; high price. Negative: Relatively high price. Oppo Realme C3 unknown, unknown. Samsung Galaxy S20 unknown, unknown. Ulefone Armor 7 unknown, unknown. Doogee S95 Pro unknown, unknown. Oppo Realme X50 5G unknown, unknown. Wiko Y70 unknown, Spreadtrum SC Honor 20s unknown, unknown. Huawei Nova 6 SE unknown, unknown. Oppo Reno3 Pro unknown, unknown. Oppo Reno3 unknown, unknown. Vivo X30 Pro unknown, unknown. Honor 9X Premium unknown, unknown. Vivo Y19 unknown, unknown. Vivo Y7s unknown, unknown. Huawei Nova 5i Pro unknown, unknown. Huawei Nova 5 unknown, unknown.

You'll comfortably get from morning to night without plugging in, too. The RX17 Pro lasted all day, under fairly heavy use, with the percent remaining barely dipping into the twenties by bedtime. Pure video playback was nudging north of twenty hours, so even YouTube addicts or regular gamers will struggle to drain it completely. Unfortunately things haven't really improved here. That's because the RX17 Pro is still running Android 8. The OnePlus 6T made by a different part of the same company, don't forget has already migrated to Android 9 Pie.

Everything still feels a bit too much like an iOS ripoff, with little customisation, no app drawer and a handful of bundled apps that duplicate a lot of Google's own. Even more annoying is how it refuses to show app icons in the notification bar.

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At least there's an option to hide the navigation keys and use gestures instead, freeing up more screen space for your apps. The software tweaks don't really get in your way, but you're definitely missing out on features you'd find elsewhere. If everything you've read so far feels a little too familiar to the OnePlus 6T, Oppo is hoping The RX17's three-lens camera setup will change your mind.

It's lens number three where things take a turn for the obscure. This Time of Flight sensor works with lasers to measure distance, which will be useful for augmented reality features - a shame the Oppo doesn't have any. The closest it gets is stickers, which use facial recognition to map facial movements onto cartoon characters.

So why not put the sensor on the front with the selfie cam? During the day, photos look fairly detailed and not as overly sharpened or processed as some phones costing significantly more cash.

Oppo RX17 Pro Full Specifications

Automatic HDR does a great job of balancing shadows and highlights, although can still be fooled by brightly-lit skies, and sometimes struggles with noise when hunting for details in particularly dark parts of scenes. AI processing tweaks certain settings on the fly when it detects certain scenes, and largely gets things right, pushing colour for landscapes and detail for portraits. You don't have to zoom in too far to spot the limits of the sensor, though, and results aren't on the same level as the latest Huawei phones. Low-light performance isn't bad, though.

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The dedicated Night mode uses multiple shots and OIS for handheld long exposures, like a lot of phones do right now, and it can create some surprisingly usable results - even if they are behind the Pixel 3 and Huawei Mate 20 Pro. A manual mode is a welcome extra for more serious snappers, but it's a shame you can't change the aperture of the main camera sensor by hand. Selfie-takers will appreciate the 25MP front camera, which uses pixel-binning to tighten up your pics.

This works especially well in low light, but it can take a decent picture in most settings. Look beyond the RX17 Pro's spangly two-tone colour scheme and it's tough to spot any real substance - it feels like a decent mid-range phone that's hamstrung by a few superfluous features and out-of-date software.

Sure, it's stupid quick to recharge, and that screen is really rather good, but the ToF camera isn't all that clever with no apps to back it up, and Android Oreo is really behind the times now. The kicker is the price. It's much more powerful and better suited to 3D games, has a much simpler take on Android - and you won't have to worry about it clashing with your clothes either.

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RX17 Pro. Oppo RX17 Pro review In a hurry? This multi-colour mid-ranger has the charging speed you need. Follow tommorgan3. The whole thing feels half-baked.

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Oppo doesn't even mention it on the RX17's product page. Stuff says Oppo RX17 Pro review A few premium features and decent enough performance, but a bit too pricey for a mid-ranger - especially when rivals like the OnePlus 6T only cost a little more. Good Stuff. Premium design and eye-catching colours. Bad Stuff. Performance not the best for the cash. Subscribe to the magazine. Subscribe now.