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Samsung celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Galaxy line in , releasing the aptly named Galaxy S10 alongside the only slightly larger S10 Plus as its two main flagships for that year. In the wake of the Galaxy Unpacked event and the announcement of three new Galaxy phones, however, we can expect that the Galaxy S10, S10 Plus, and S10e to start seeing regular discounts — especially on unlocked units.

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If that describes your smartphone buying strategy, then the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus might be the ones for you. Both got glowing reviews from our team, and we found the Galaxy S9 to be just about the perfect size for a modern smartphone at 5. Whichever size you prefer, though, these older models are almost always available at a nice discount:. When people think of Galaxy smartphones they naturally imagine the Note and S-series flagships, but Samsung also offers some very affordable one might even say cheap devices in the A lineup.

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Looking for more great smartphone deals? Find iPhone deals , Google Pixel deals , and much more on our curated deals page. We strive to help our readers find the best deals on quality products and services, and we choose what we cover carefully and independently. The device packs an Exynos SoC which has an octa-core processor with a dual-core Cortex A73 clocked at 2. Inside it packs a 3, mAh battery and runs on Android Oreo 8. At the base, you have a microUSB port with a headphone jack. It has almost all the sensors you might need including an accelerometer, a fingerprint sensor, a gyroscope, a proximity sensor and an RGB light sensor.

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  • The display operates at the same resolution of x pixels as the Galaxy A8 Plus and is plenty sharp. Compared to other displays in the price, the Galaxy certainly blows the likes of the Vivo V11 Pro. Given that Samsung does like saturated colours, the colour tones were pleasing to the eye, though they are not true to life. In other words, the display isn't colour accurate. Whites are off and have a yellowish tinge, while reds by default do look rather orangish. That can be calibrated in the display settings up to a point.

    Samsung Galaxy A7 (64GB, 4GB RAM) Specifications

    I did binge watch a lot of shows on Netflix on the device and the display was nothing short of great for consuming any kind of media. The panel also gets adequately bright as well with no issues when viewing text on the display even under direct sunlight.

    The active display feature continues to look great while having very little bearing on the battery life. Don't expect the panel to be as good as the one on the Note 9, but the OnePlus 6 is definitely comparable. The OnePlus 6 here does edge past it though, in terms of better contrast values. While other brands are boarding the Android 9 Pie train, Samsung fans will have to be content with the Android 8.

    However, apart from an updated security patch September , there's very little that's new on offer on Samsung's part. You do get things like long-press action which is a part of the Android Oreo update. Leaving these minor things aside, the only thing new one would notice is the fact that Samsung has added a few new default wallpapers into the mix, ones which debuted with the Galaxy Note 9.

    Samsung's Experience launcher really bogs down the overall experience. That said, the Samsung Experience launcher handles regular use fine. It isn't the best part of the entire experience though. Animations are smooth and fluid, for the most part. But as soon as you throw a few heavy tasks in and try to switch between them, the choppy animations just make it a very unpleasant experience. I am convinced that the launcher is to blame here as switching to third-party launchers gives a much smoother experience.

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    Regular features like a one-handed mode which I found myself using quite often and multi-window support is also part of the software package here. Samsung fans can be pleased that the A7 at least ships with Android Oreo 8. Well, I'll try and not break into a rant here because we have gone over this point multiple times with previous Galaxy devices. Samsung clearly just doesn't care.

    I have a problem with Samsung here. It appears like they want users to only have a "premium camera experience" when they buy the A7. The reason I say this is because the Exynos SoC on the phone can barely handle anything else.

    Samsung Galaxy A7 Real-Time GPS Tracking

    To jog your memory, this is the same chip we saw on the Galaxy A8 Plus It was just about doing alright back then, but on the A7 it really fails to do any justice. You may be able to browse through your Instagram feed and manoeuvre around your Twitter feed just fine, but anything which is a little more intensive and you see the phone acting up. There are not just dropped frames or minor stuttering that I'm talking about, but moments when the phone would just freeze if you tried to use apps in multi-window mode.

    Given the large screen real estate, you would want to make the most of that punchy display. But you can't. For all those PUBG -playing folks, this just won't cut it. The game might suggest that it runs fine on "medium" graphics setting, but I noticed dropped frames even after cranking things down to a minimum graphics setting. Asphalt 8: Airborne ran fine when played at medium settings and the same with Shadow Fight 3.

    Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018) review

    I wouldn't say games were unplayable, but they certainly won't be enjoyable. Call quality and network reception were otherwise excellent.

    The phone with a mighty third-eye that can do magic to your photography

    The speaker at the bottom also gets quite loud but because it's a single speaker setup, you may end up covering the speaker up completely while gaming or watching videos. It does at least get loud enough for a single speaker though and for what it's worth, the Dolby Atmos feature does enhance the listening experience if you have a pair of high-impedance headphones lying around.

    The phone easily lasted me an entire day with almost 30 percent to spare on a regular basis. The phone does have a 3, mAh battery, which is large, but given the 6-inch display size, I was certainly not expecting such stellar battery performance here. There's a welcome change in the design this time. You don't have to make an extra effort to reach, as it falls right under the thumb while holding it with the right hand. The triple camera placement is very subtle.

    The setup resides on the top left corner with a LED flash below it. We must say that Samsung does a great job at keeping the handsets void of any unusual camera protrusion.

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    Even on the Galaxy A7, there's a very tiny bump despite the three cameras. On the front, the Galaxy A7 looks like its other cousins. There's no sign of a notch on top, instead, there's a thick chin and a forehead where it resides the earpiece, front camera and an LED flash. So, don't expect a notch or even a nearly bezeless design. It looks more like the Pixel 2 XL from last year from the front. The Samsung Galaxy A7 has a tall 6-inch Like most Samsung displays, this one is punchy and vivid straight out of the box.

    It is sharper than almost every other phone in its league and can be rated as the finest display among the competition. The sheer size of the display makes the Galaxy A7 makes it a well-suited phone for gaming, video streaming and scrolling social media content. Brightness levels are high, making it clearly visible under bright and sunny outdoors.