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It will also let you know the exact time, data and content of the message they are being conveyed between the two users. An obvious question might arise in your mind that to whom all you can track. The answer is quite simple; you can spy on your kid, employee even on your spouse. Telegram Tracker: How to track Telegram. Retrieve received messages with name and date Works without rooting the phone.

Live Demo. Download Phone Tracker. More features of Phone Tracker application. Text messages tracking - This feature will allow you to have access to the text messages send or received by the suspect.

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Text messaging tracking enables the user to get underlying details and outlook. Location tracking- Location tracking informs you about the current or live location of the suspect; you can see where they visit and what all activities they perform over there. Live location tracking is like watching the suspect on a CCTV camera without any hidden detailing.

E-mail tracking - This feature enables you to see all the files and documents send or receive between the suspect and the other party.

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If you own a business then you can keep track on the emails of employee that surely bring you closer toward the faulty person. Web history - Millions of users access the internet to search information about a product or gain knowledge through the sites, especially the teenagers. If you find your kid or spouse suspicious then you can track their web history and see what all things they search and according to it you can take actions.

If you find your kid indulge in false or bad activities then you can stop them from future threat and danger. Millions of photos and video are posted and shared on the social media sites on daily basis and by keeping track of the kid; you can have access to their gallery. Manage calls - You might have noticed that your kid or spouse talks fluently without bothering how much time have passed; this might get you angry a little bit. In this case, you can manage their incoming and outgoing call using the telegram-tracking app to see to whom they talk in mid-nights.

Calls deleted are also shown on the control panel of tracking app, this will let you know what your kid or spouse is hoarding. Calendar activities - With this phone-tracking app you can watch out suspect daily scheduled activities on the calendar. You can check the current or future event they are going to execute or attend. It seems to be a big advantage for you because you will be able to know not only they're current but also their future activities. View All Feature. This article details all the ways in which you can easily know how to hack Telegram app on someone else's phone.

The best way is to make use of the third-party hacking apps.

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One of the best third-party apps will also be introduced in this article as well. To keep a close check on someone's Telegram app and keep them safe and sound, the best way you can try out is using a Telegram hacker app like KidsGuard Pro. It can be used to hack Telegram conversations, including all the incoming, outgoing and even deleted messages.

If you wish to see the current interactions on Telegram, you can take a remote screenshot on the target cell phone. Media files like photos saved from Telegram app can also be check. The best thing to use KidsGuard Pro is that every activity mentioned above can be done secretly without the target user knowing. Till now, KidsGuard Pro has been winning hearts from thousands of users, including worried parents, couples and even employers. You cannot find a cheaper Telegram hack app with multiple monitoring features like KidsGuard Pro.

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This app can be set up within 5 minutes , and there are no risky and complicated operations like rooting your Android device. You can also know what's going on. Try It Now View Demo. Step 1: Register a valid account of KidsGuard Pro. Like any other apps, you need to purchase a license to experience the advanced Telegram hacking feature. Step 2: On the target device you want to monitor, download KidsGuard Pro app and log into your account. Then finish the setup wizard following the app's on-screen instructions. Step 3: After finishing all the preparation work, log into KidsGuard Pro official website and select "Telegram" from the dashboard menu, there you can check all the activities on Telegram.

Except for Telegram hacking and monitoring feature, it can be also be used to track WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and other popular social media apps, as well as real-time locations, text messages, call history, browser history, photos, videos and other data. All these powerful features are included in one pricing plan. If you wish to know how to hack Telegram account for free, you can try logging in Telegram Web or Telegram Desktop version using the same account of the target user. This method doesn't require you to buy any sort of apps and it is completely free, but it only works for someone you know well as you need to know the login details.

Step 2: Pick the country from the drop-down menu and enter the target device user's phone number which is linked to their Telegram account and then click on "Next". Step 5: Access this message on the target cell phone user and enter this code on the system screen in the designated field.


As soon as you do this, the target device user's Telegram will open on your system and once this is done, all incoming and outgoing messages and other data shared on Telegram can be easily viewed by you. Although you may feel that this method is free and simple, it does come with its own set of disadvantages. For starters, you will need to access the target device physically in order to get the login code without which the hack would be incomplete. If in case the target device user has put a screen lock on their device and you do not know what it is, you would not be able to view the login code.

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Due to these disadvantages, hacking Telegram using this method proves to be highly ineffective. If the target cell phone user is using an iPhone or an iPad for Telegram, you can make use of this method to hack their Telegram with ease. If the target device user backup their iPhone or iPad with iTunes frequently, their Telegram data can be checked using this method.