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Samsung Galaxy A9. Motorola One Zoom. Display looks great Versatile triple camera setup Build quality is great Aggressive design that stands out from the competition. Between the aggressive design, battery life and capable cameras, there is a lot to like here. The Redmi K20 and K20 Pro were launched earlier this year as a one-two punch at the OnePlus 7 and the many affordable flagship competitors it has spawned. The lower-end of the pair, the Redmi K20 is a premium mid-range smartphone that is aimed squarely at users who want a great photography experience and build quality, but might not care about top-end specifications.

Redmi phones have, for the most part, stuck to the entry level and mid-range segment. OnePlus has made a killing here and by spinning off the 7 series into two separate devices, OnePlus is the bringing the fight to the more-traditional flagship competition.

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Unlike the Redmi K20 Pro, the phone does not support 27W fast charging. The included hard-case is rather nice and fits like a glove. Definitely a welcome change form the run-of-the-mill clear TPU cases included with most phones. The design is flamboyant, in your face, and some might say, overly aggressive. Like the K20 Pro , there are three colors on offer including a flame red, black, and the blue that we have in for review. The glass and metal sandwich build of the Redmi K20 is polished to a sheen and feels premium.

The weight distribution and density of the hardware makes the phone feel equal parts well-built and luxurious.

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Along the right side of the phone lies the volume rocker and the power button; both of these have sufficient give and are perfectly clicky. The blue variant, like the black, has a red power button as a design flourish.

Xiaomi Redmi K20 Pro

Meanwhile, along the bottom edge, you will notice a USB-C port as well as a single speaker. Pop-up selfie cameras are now a common occurrence. The Redmi K20 employs it to good effect. A pretty-looking blue LED surrounds the pop-up mechanism as it, well, pops out. Xiaomi claims the mechanism has been tested for over , elevations, which should quell any fears about the solidity of the apparatus.

Yes, it will automatically retract if you drop your phone with the camera out. My only gripe with the pop-up camera is that it is just a bit too slow at elevating. You can deal with it when taking a selfie, but this is not going to cut it if you expect to use the face-unlock option.

The location of the notification LED makes it fairly pointless, but the always-on display compensates for it. Like most recent Redmi phones, the K20 has a p2i coating which makes it resistant to splashes. The phone has a fast and responsive in-display fingerprint sensor as well. The Redmi K20 sports the same excellent display as the K20 Pro. The panel is great to look at and displays fantastic viewing angles with minimal color shift, except for some blue shift at extreme angles. Our lab testing revealed brightness levels as high as nits which is sufficient for outdoor viewing even on a sunny day.

There are ample software options to tweak the color profile of the display. The default picture profile errs on the side of over-saturation, but is bound to please anyone who watches a lot of multimedia content and likes a contrast-rich panel.

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